As a television producer and consumer, I try to be aware of television rhetoric by collecting TV artifacts that tell about the values, stereotypes, fantasies, and styles of our culture. My collection is not an altar, but an archive.

Many television shows, such as the Flintstones and Smurfs, have had hundreds of toys, dolls, and other items produced for them. Rather than collecting all of these items, it is more important to me to have one or two pieces which are representative of each television program.

I'm mainly interested in collecting TV related lunch boxes, board games, card games, character figures, soundtracks, and autographed and promo photos. I also collect antique televisions (I currently have 10 Pridictas), SAMS photofacts, tube caddies, TV repairman stuff, and TV sales promos. I have a library of TV Guides, scripts, and books on TV history, show anthologies, and biographies.

Additional pictures of my collection can be found on my public access television show, "It Came From Akron" and on its companion website at

My collection is forever growing and I'm interested in talking to other collectors who would like to buy, sell, or trade. Feel free to e-mail me at

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